The company


Four generations: almost a century of love for agriculture, passion for animals and devotion to their land.

This is Nullo and Marcello Boselli farm.

The Farm was born in San Ruffino, in Parma province, from Nullo and Marcello Boselli passion for animals and for their attachment to their own Land. In 1999 they built a stable adding a dairy, where they began to transform their self-produced milk, into Parmigiano Reggiano.

Four years later, they expanded their business with the creation of a second plant in Fontanellato, which allowed them to reach their current numbers: 180 cows, 90 steers and 90 calves.

Today, the farm is run by three brothers, Alberto, Filippo, and Vittorio who carry on Nullo and Marcello project together with their mother Marcellina, always respecting countryside values, as well as the life of the past and the passion for this work.

The Boselli farmthe numbers


The farm covers over 100 hectares of Po Valley where we grow mainly alfalfa, our cows main feed basis.

5000 BALLS

The annual production of alfalfa hay is over 5,000 bales; using a natural rotation process, autumn cereals and common wheat are also cultivated to be added to the feed.


Natural fertilizer is applied to keep the soil in good condition. The soil is treated with organic manure reused from the stables, which limits the use of plant protection products.


We raise over 350 animals respecting animal welfare, ensuring nutrition and physical space that lead to the production of high-quality milk.


Azienda Agricola Boselli deeply believes in sustainable breeding whose goal is preserving air and water quality, soil, biodiversity and landscape. For years, our farm has been committed to adapt its production model to respect the environment.



Our animals welfare is our priority. Healthy animals, in an excellent state of physical and “psychological” health, this is not only an ethical issue, but a necessary condition to guarantee milk high quality.

We ensure appropriate space – more than double according to the minimum required by law – to allow comfort and cleanliness. In this way, we obtain, the Certification by the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium.

We feed our cows with high quality fodder and cereals, self-produced on the farm, and we have outdoor land where they can graze freely.


Dedra is our “Lola”, a cow less famous than the one seen in a television commercial few years ago but for us she is “part of the family”. She has been with us for so many years now that she is more like a pet. Dedra is now “retired”, but she is the queen of our stable and we decided to keep her with us as a symbol of the respect and gratitude we have for our cattle.

theshort supply chain

A short supply chain, indeed very short, is the basis of our philosophy. Our product has to combine at the same time tradition, knowledge of making and a limited number of steps: from the field to the table.

The path is really short: from alfaalfa production to its drying and use in the stables, from milking to the boilers of our dairy, ending up on the shelves of our warehouses, our production is limited to use exclusively our own milk and maintain an excellent level of production.